Complete Gut Health Bundle

This bundle includes the How to Reprogram Your Gut Workshop and the How to Eliminate Common Gut Pathogens That Create Anxiety

Together these workshops will show you exactly what you need to do in order to repair your gut and release anxiety at the root.

In this bundle you will learn:

  • My 5 step gut health optimization protocol that I walk all my clients through (this information is going to change your life) 
  •  The 4 digestive imbalances that can create anxiety and how to identify which ones are creating your anxiety 
  • The exact supplements I recommend, including a sample supplement protocol!
  • How H.pylori, SIBO, parasites and Candida create anxiety and keep it chronic. This is a big reason medication, therapy, exercise, etc haven’t been enough!
  • How to identify which one (or ones) you have 
  • The unique and highly successful supplement protocols I use in practice to eliminate these 4 anxiety inducing pathogens

Terms & Conditions: all prices are USD. Nothing will be mailed to you, everything is delivered digitally. Upon purchase you will be granted instant access to a workshop portal where you will find the workshop recording, PDF slides & supplement protocol. No refunds. 

$157.00 USD