Gut Pathogens Intensive Workshop with Tay Gendron

This is replay recording of a 2.5 hour live workshop covering: 

  • How H.pylori, SIBO, parasites and Candida create anxiety and keep it chronic. This is a big reason medication, therapy, exercise, etc haven’t been enough!
  • How to identify which one (or ones) you have 
  • Learn the unique and highly successful supplement protocols I use in practice to eliminate these 4 anxiety inducing pathogens
  • The crucial role detox and drainage plays in actually eliminating these little buggers and rebalancing the gut. This is a very important step I often see missed.
  • How to build the Fort Knox of gut health to keep these buggers from coming back and therefore keeping anxiety far, far away!

All Prices are USD. Nothing will be mailed to you, everything is delivered digitally. You will receive a digital copy of the workshop recording and PDF slides. No refunds. 

$97.00 USD

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