The Anxiety Relief Workshop Bundle

4 workshops plus the Recipe Library bundled together to show you exactly how to tackle chronic anxiety naturally!

 Inside you will learn:

  • What foods to eat and what foods to reduce in order to release anxiety
  • The proper macronutrient breakdown to support adequate neurotransmitter levels 
  • How to reduce inflammation through diet. You cannot supplement your way out of this and it’s crucial to releasing anxiety! 
  • How to use the cheap and cheerful power of food to regulate your nervous system (yes this is a thing!)
  • The 4 digestive imbalances that can create anxiety and how to identify which ones are creating your anxiety 
  • How gut pathogens and bacterial imbalances like H.pylori, SIBO, parasites and Candida create anxiety and keep it chronic
  • The very specific nutrient deficiencies that are impacting gut health & how to replenish them 
  • My 5 step gut health optimization protocol that I walk all my clients through (this information is going to change your life) 
  • The exact supplements I recommend, including sample supplement protocols! Supplements are available internationally with specific recommendations for those in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.
  • The 4 unique hormonal fluctuations women go through every month and how this can either create or release anxiety ⁣
  • How to accurately test your hormones (it's not bloodwork from your doctor)
  • How the powerful practice of cycle syncing not only helps to release anxiety but can skyrocket your energy, bring your libido back, help you sleep really well, support your gut health, boost productivity and help you navigate the stressors of life with a lot more ease ⁣
  • Over 400 gluten & dairy free recipes all Anxiety Nutritionist approved!


Terms & Conditions:

This is a one time payment. Nothing will be mailed to you, everything is delivered digitally. Upon purchase you will be granted instant access to a workshop portal where you will find the workshop recording, PDF slides & supplement protocols. This is a digital product with instant access therefore there are no refunds. 


$197.00 CAD

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