The How to Reprogram Your Gut Workshop

Do you struggle with daily, chronic anxiety? Do you experience panic attacks? 

What about heart palpitations, depression, nervousness, shortness of breath, difficulty relaxing, irritability, mood swings, IBS, trouble sleeping, fatigue & brain fog?

If you said yes to any of the above it’s important to know that digestive distress is responsible for those symptoms not “anxiety”. 

In this gut health intensive workshop I am going to show you exactly how to reprogram your gut so you can release all the symptoms! 

Here’s what we will be covering: 

  • The 4 digestive imbalances that can create anxiety and how to identify which ones are creating your anxiety 
  •  How gut pathogens and bacterial imbalances like H.pylori, SIBO, parasites and Candida create anxiety and keep it chronic
  •  The very specific nutrient deficiencies that are impacting gut health & how to replenish them 
  •  The common everyday habits most people have no idea are really messing with their gut health & keeping anxiety high 
  •  How your gut and brain talk to each other and how you can influence this conversation and control what is being said 
  •  My 5 step gut health optimization protocol that I walk all my clients through (this information is going to change your life) 
  • The exact supplements I recommend, including sample supplement protocols! Supplements are available internationally with specific recommendations for those in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

You will  leave this workshop with a step-by-step gut repair protocol that releases anxiety at the root. 

 Terms & Conditions: all prices are USD. Nothing will be mailed to you, everything is delivered digitally. Upon purchase you will be granted instant access to a workshop portal where you will find the workshop recording, PDF slides & supplement protocol. No refunds. 


$97.00 USD